The 10 Most Dangerous Trends in Youth Baseball Today!

Tune in to Titans Sports Academy Education Series: The 10 Most Dangerous Trends in Youth Baseball Today!

Courtesy of  Chance Beam
#10     Hitting is all mechanics?

Hitting today is in fashion.  Scouts and college coaches’ first question in many cases are, “Can he hit?”  Due to the top down pressures of college and professional scouts wanting to see players hit for power and average; and a growing culture of highly competitive specialized hitters due to private hitting instruction.  In speaking to many of the parents, they feel that private instruction is not giving their son’s an edge on the competition, but rather is for their son to “just” keep up.

Due to this cultural shift and pressure to perform, baseball instruction has became big business.  If you ask any owner of a hitting facility or private instructional facility hitting instruction is their number one seller.  With more people teaching, means more people potentially teaching the wrong things.  What do I mean by this?  Hitting is all mechanics… Right?  When you watch many coaches or instructors teach hitting they spend 95% of the efforts talking about “mechanics” of hitting.  The instructor may talk about having an  “L” on the back side and the power “V” at contact and all kinds of things that sounds great and intelligent.  In turn, the players come away from these type of sessions looking like a robot.  How many robots have you seen in the Major league Baseball?

So a better question may be what should I be paying attention to when hitting?  Mechanics? Tempo? Being athletic?  The answer is all of the above.  A good swing is fundamentally correct, yet may have its own personal style.  A good baseball swing should have rhythm, balance, and be explosive.

Here are a just a couple checks to use when evaluating baseball swing.

  • Knob of the bat should go from load position straight/ inside the baseball
  • Get the bat in the zone and keep it there as long as possible.
  • Use your hands to hit, not your shoulders.
  • Get your back hip through the baseball.

Methods are many,

Principles are few,

Methods may vary,

Principles never do!

Baseball is like church, Many attend few understand…..


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