TbS Tournament Registration

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Welcome to the Travelball Select (TbS) Tournament Registration powered by Tourney Machine. TbS requires you to create a free Coach/Team Manager Account to manage your team(s) registrations and roster(s). You will be able to complete your roster(s), Pay deposits and sign up for multiple TbS tournaments with one account.

If you already have a Tourney Machine account with another Group, you will have to create another account for our Tournaments.

New Users

First time TbS users will need to create an account which can be used each time you register your team (s) for any upcoming Travelball Select Tournaments. This will be unique for TbS Tournaments only.


Create a TBS Team Account

Existing User

If you already have a Travelball Select account you can click below to login and register your team(s) into an upcoming Travelball Select Tournament.


Log in to your TbS Account

Travelball Select Tournaments Registration

When you click the Create An Account or Login to Account link above you will be taken to the Tourney Machine Log In for Travelball Select.

On this page you will be able to do the following:

Create an account: 

  • First time users will create one account to manage all teams
  • After you create your account you will be taken to the roster page
  • Please complete the Coach and Team Manager information
  • Only begin to input your roster when  you have the following information per player:
    • Player birthdate
    • Player Email 
  • You can log back in to complete your roster at a later time
  • Hit Save at the bottom of the page
  • Click on Register for Tournament or Create New Team
  • When you click Register for Tournament you will see all eligible Bullpen Tournaments and dates –select the first event you want to enter
  • Follow on screen instructions
  • The log in is unique to Travelball Select Tournaments only


  • If you’ve already created an account and want to register for a tournament or create another team just click login.
  • When you click Register for Tournament you will see all eligible Agape Hoops tournaments and dates –select the first event you want to enter
  • Follow on screen instructions
  • NOTE: If you have created an account from another Tournament association, you will NOT be able to use this to enter TbS tournaments.

Forgot password or username:

  • You can reset your password
  • Follow on screen instructions

Upload Player Photos:

  • Click on Manage Athlete Images
  • Click on Player name and Player IMG to upload photo
  • Click on correct photo and the hit SAVE

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