Oklahoma 10yr old Toss Up

by Aaron Tyler

The 2009 season for 10yr olds in Oklahoma will be take your breath away with excitement. With the end of an era (Posse) and combinations of very talented players on new teams, the view on the horizon looks good for Oklahoma.

At the end of the 2008 season the Oklahoma powerhouse (Edmond Posse) went seperate ways. The preseason favorite out of Oklahoma will now be the OK Rays, skippered by Kevin Polkivich former Pitsburgh Pirate. After the Rays ,there are a number of really solid 10yr old teams that will make some noise. Among the teams that will be contenders are the OK Mudcats, Cleveland County Indians, OK Liners, Barracuda Baseball, Tulsa Cardinals and OK Outlaws, just to name a few. Look for some really good ball to be played among the 10’s in ’09.

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