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2014 Travelball National Championship
10U AND 12U
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      8U - Jun    4
       9U - May  31
 10U - JUL 4
     11U - Jun   21
 12U - JUL 7
    13U - Jun  21

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                                        TRAVEL BALL SELECT 10U RANKINGS

Updated 5/29/08

1. (3) Oklahoma Elite (OK) – After winning their third USSSA Super NIT this past weekend, the Elite have proven to be the country’s best to date.  Their sole loss in class is to the Dallas Patriots, a team with seven players from last year’s USSSA National Championship team (Marshals 9U).  With a ticket punched to Disney, it will take a poor showing or losses to other top ten to knock them off.   To this point in the season, the Elite and Knoxville Stars have competed in the most regional events amongst teams in our rankings.  With wins against Banditos Black, Mac-N-Seitz Indians, Mac-N-Seitz Red Sox and Southern Jaguars (GA), it’s an impressive resume.

2. (1) Tomateros de California (CA) – The Tomateros drop is no discredit to their dominance.  Having played exclusively in California limits the ability to rate them.  They spent Memorial Day weekend going undefeated in a Triple Crown event.  The run included two wins over the San Diego Stars, a dominant team year in year out at Cooperstown.  They beat them in pool play and the championship game.    

3. (8) Knoxville Stars (TN) – The sleeping giant we call the Stars.  Everyone should now be familiar with this year’s 10U team.  They travel out of state as much as any team in this age division and usually hit the interstate with hardware.  They recently won their second Super NIT of 2008, going undefeated in a trip to Birmingham, AL.  They followed that up by winning an 11U double points USSSA NIT event in their home state.  They’ll host a large regional event this weekend.  They’ll also travel back to Atlanta the week after to compete @ East Cobb Baseball Complex, an event that will include the East Cobb Astros and Longhorns.  Success in both events should cement their position until summer’s end.

4. (5) OC Black Sox (CA) - The Black Sox kicked off the month of May winning a Triple Crown event in the 11U division.  Their MLK Super NIT win has them locked in for the Elite 24.  Expect them to finish in the Final Eight. 

5. (9) West Pines Nike Cobras (FL) – Winning the Michigan USSSA Super NIT gives West Pines Nike Cobras momentum heading to Cooperstown.  Though there were no TBS ranked teams in the Super NIT, it shows their strength out of region.  We look for them to remain in the Top 5 throughout the summer.

6. (2) American Avengers III (TX)Playing in one of the country’s most competitive states, it’s near impossible to go undefeated or win every tournament played.  With a poor showing in this past weekend’s Memorial Day USSSA NIT, which included a loss to Banditos Black and Dallas Patriots, Avengers III remains ahead both in the rankings because of a overall stronger season to date.  They’ve racked up six 1st place finishes since February, half of which are in 11U events.  A berth to the USSSA 10U Elite World Series is already secured.  1st place & Runner-Up in 2007 9U World Series receive automatic spots.  With the Governor’s Games Super NIT in Louisiana this weekend, look for them to rebound in a large field of regional competition.

7. (4) GBC Team Acceleration (NC) – GBC moves back down to their preseason rankings position.  After a championship game lost to TBS #15 East Cobb Astros, they show room for growth.  They’re still in great position to finish the Country’s #1 because they’ll play two National Championship events.  We still foresee GBC doing well at Cooperstown Dreams Park in June – Final 8.

8. (12) Dallas Patriots (TX) – The Patriots seem to have a well thought out plan for this season.  They won a Triple Crown event in February then began USSSA play in April and have run off four consecutive 1st place finishes.  They tagged the Oklahoma Elite with their only in class loss.  They recently beat two of TBS’s Top 10 in a Memorial Day USSSA NIT.  American Avengers fell short once and Banditos Black twice.  These wins are quite convincing that the talent is there, but a new team has its growing to do.  Expect them to continue climbing our rankings.

9. (7) Kennesaw Xtreme (GA) – After mistakenly leaving the Xtreme off our preseason rankings, they‘ve dropped two notches after a disappointing 5th place finish in an event they hosted Memorial Day weekend.  They took a tough 1-0 defeat to TBS #21 Southern Jaguars.  But a week earlier they successfully won the only USSSA event they’ve played this year.  Their finish at Cooperstown will determine their placement in the next rankings. 

10. (10) Banditos Black (TX) – Banditos round out the Top 10 for the second rankings in a row. They placed 2nd in a Memorial Day USSSA NIT losing twice to our #8 Dallas Patriots, including being shut out in the championship 6-0.  They can play with anyone but seem to be half a step behind a couple other elite teams to this point.  They’ve punched a ticket to Disney and the Elite 24 after losing to our #1 in the championship game of the Oklahoma Super NIT.  The Oklahoma Elite accepted a berth to the Elite 24 after winning the Atlanta Super NIT in April, thus the berth for the Oklahoma Super NIT was passed to the runner-up when the Elite won.  The pedigree is there to come up big in any event.  Let’s see how the do in the Louisiana Governor’s Games Super NIT. 

11. (6) Leon Medical Centers Baseball (FL) – In great position to move up in the rankings, LMC suffered a disappointing semifinal loss to TBS #12 Central Florida Bobcats in the Kissimmee Super NIT.  LMC will have to prove they can play well and win major tournaments, not just league games.  They too have punched a Cooperstown ticket.  They’ll have help with a few players from our #2 Tomateros joining their roster.  They’re one of a handful of teams who can win it all.  We’d like to see some more out of state success from this club. 

12. (14) Central Florida Bobcats (FL) – The Bobcats move up two spots after winning the Florida Super NIT a couple weeks ago.  The tourney win included knocking off TBS #11 LMC in the semifinals.  They remain behind LMC despite the win because LMC has consistently beaten our ranked teams from Florida.  The Bobcats will get their chance to compete against the Top 25, as they have accepted a berth to the USSSA Elite 24.

13. (11) VYAA Bomberz (CA) - In recent weeks they’ve finished 1st and 2nd in 11U tournaments.  Cooperstown is thick but they’ll find a way to make it to the final 16.

14. (15) East Cobb Longhorns (GA) – Two of Atlanta’s biggest, most competitive tournaments this season have been won by the Longhorns, including the Kennesaw Shootout, hosted by our #9 Kennesaw Xtreme, Memorial Day weekend.  Head-to-head the Longhorns are 0-1 against the Xtreme, 1-3 against #15 East Cobb Astros, and 2-0 versus #21 Southern Jaguars.  Not very impressive, but the Longhorns have made the semis in all nine tournaments they’ve competed, a credit to their pitching dominance and depth.  Recently they’ve made roster adjustments including players from a disbanded Georgia Sluggers team.  They’ve shown to be clear upgrades over the last couple weeks.  They’ll play the USSSA Major World Series in Alabama.  A strong finish will validate their season.  

15. (23) East Cobb Astros (GA) – After holding the same position in the two previous rankings, they’ve earned the big jump after knocking off TBS #7 GBC Team Acceleration in the championship game of a Triple Crown event last week.  It’s not just beating GBC that gets them bumped up.  A 7-2 overall record against our Top 25 is impressive.  Mix that with their recent consistency, which includes a 3rd place finish in Kennesaw Xtreme’s Memorial Day tourney, going 3-1 losing only to the Georgia Roadrunners 1-0 in the semifinals and a 2nd place finish in a Wood Bat tournament, and we see them going deep at Cooperstown in a few weeks. 

16. (13) Texas Nationals Team (TX) – After a poor showing in the USSSA Super NIT in Missouri, Texas Nationals Team falls a few spots.  They’ll go for a berth to the USSSA Elite 24 in Louisiana this weekend.  Gaining a berth will difficult.  They like Banditos seem to be a half step behind the upper echelon. 

17. (22) Miami Playmakers
(FL) – Last month they handed #6 LMC their first loss of the season in a league game.  They’re capable of beating anyone but seem to be one step behind our resident powerhouses from South Florida.  The Playmakers are a team capable of moving into the top 10 because they’ll play anyone and compete.  Let’s see how the season series against LMC and Nike play out and how their Cooperstown trip goes.  Another team we expect in the Sweet 16.

18. Armour (CO) – After winning their state’s USSSA Super NIT a couple weeks ago, Armour has announced themselves.  They’ve followed that up with a trip to Missouri where they had a strong win against our #16 Texas Nationals Team.  Their losses in Missouri were to both Mac-N-Seitz clubs, Indians and Red Sox.  These clubs avenged losses from a week earlier in Colorado.

19. (18) Marshals (TX) – The Marshals have dropped in our last two rankings.  They’ve done well in tournaments played, but have lost three in a row to TBS #8 Dallas Patriots.  At this point in the season the gap between Top 1-10 and 11-20 is widening.  The Marshals will have to make a late push with tournament wins against Texas elite teams to rise in the rankings.

20. (21) Chattanooga Colonels (TN) – Building on the success from last year, the 2007 BPA 9U WS Champs are traveling even more than last year, having made a couple of trips to Atlanta and a trip to Kingsport, TN.  They’ve built a name as a team swings the bat extremely well.  In Atlanta they had impressive wins over our #9 Kennesaw Xtreme in an opening round bracket play game.  They went on to play our #15 East Cobb Longhorns in the championship but pitching had been exhausted by then and they lost 13-9.  In the USSSA Super NIT they faced off against the Knoxville Stars twice, losing both in one run battles.  

21. (17) Southern Jaguars (GA) – The Jaguars drop in the rankings despite a decent showing in the USSSA Super NIT in Alabama.  They went 3-0 in pool play before losing a quarterfinal game to eventual runner-up Alabama Bombers.  They’ve followed that up with a sub par showing in a USSSA NIT last week.  After going 2-1 in pool play, they lost a semi final game to E.C. Young Guns, a AAA team out of Savannah, GA.  Memorial Day weekend was spent battling in the Kennesaw Xtreme’s annual tournament.  The Jags finished fourth out of twenty-one with a strong quarterfinal win versus #9 Kennesaw Xtreme 1-0.  It was their third consecutive victory against Xtreme.  The Jaguars lost out in the semifinals, run-ruled 9-0 by #13 East Cobb Longhorns.  They’re headed to Pensacola in a few weeks for one of the last USSSA Super NIT’s, hoping to grab a berth to Disney. 

22. (16) Mac-N-Seitz Indians (KS) – After recently beating Banditos Black in pool play of the Oklahoma Super NIT by a score of 9-2 and playing our #1 Oklahoma Elite well, losing 11-7, expectations for a Super NIT win in Colorado were high.  But they suffered two losses to our #18 Armour and finished 3rd.  This past weekend they finished 2nd in the Missouri Super NIT losing to #1 Oklahoma Elite in the championship.  The event also included a split versus #16 TNT and a win against #18 Armour.  Expect them to accept the Elite 24 berth.  They’ll need to step their game up to make any noise in Orlando.

23. Most Feared (TX) – A major player amongst Texas teams since 2004, they are in the mix again this season.  With an impressive 28-4 record in USSSA events, they recently had a strong 3rd place finish in a Memorial Day NIT.  There only losses were to TBS #8 Dallas Patriots and #10 Banditos Black.  They’ll try for an Elite 24 berth in the Louisiana Governor’s Games Super NIT.  It’ll be tough to grab a berth, but they’re a lock for a strong showing in the USSSA Major World Series in Alabaa if they choose to compete.

24. Chet Lemon’s Juice (FL) – The Juice was on our Teams To Watch list in the last rankings.  They’ve cracked the Top 25 after winning the Florida AAU State Championship.  We hope to see them against some higher ranked Florida teams in June to better gauge their strength.

25. Mac-N-Seitz Red Sox (MO) – Another Mac-N-Seitz club makes the list after competing in consecutive Super NIT’s, earning 2nd in Colorado and 3rd in Missouri.  The Red Sox are very deserving of mention because of the strong travel schedule and success.  They have proven to be more than capable but like several other teams mentioned are a half step behind the major players.

Honorable Mention

Carolina Mustangs (NC)

San Diego Stars (CA)

Cincy Flames (OH)

East Cobb Stallions (GA)

Wallbanger Academy (CA)

Tampa Bulldogs (FL)

Jackson Coyotes (TN)

San Antonio Devils (TX)

Georgia Roadrunners (GA)

Alabama Senators (AL)

Cincinnati Riverbats (OH)

Outlaws Baseball (AL)

New Orleans Monarchs (LA)



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