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·        How to change the Login name/Forum name/Password?

·        How do I change my email address?

·        How do I navigate this site?

·        Questions about my subscription?


Q: How do I set up a Subscription?

A: It's easy to set up a subscription for TravelballSelect.com.

1) Click on the "Subscribe Now" button located at the top-center of the screen or click Here.

2) Select the plan that best suits your needs.

3) Please enter in all of the fields and enter all formats correctly. AND make note of the user name and password as you will need it later to get into the site.

4) Please carefully read all the "Terms and Conditions" (T & C's) and check the box.

5) Verify that the plan you have selected is the plan you want, then click on the "Checkout"  

6) Fill in the credit card form, making sure that the email is valid as it will be used to confirm your credit card change and will also contain the user name that you have chosen.

7) Click on the continue button on the credit card site and you will be returned to TravelballSelect.com. Login to the site and start using the site, welcome to TravelballSelect.com! 


Q: How to change the Login name/Forum name/Password. 

A: To change your name you must be logged into the site. Once you are logged in move the mouse pointer over the the menu item "My Account" located on the top menu just below the logout/date/search bar and in the drop down menu select " Account Details" in the sub-menu. At this point you have to move the mouse pointer to the EDIT tab and select "Update Your Profile". Select "Contact Info" you can change your name and /or password. The password must be at least 6 characters. Click on the floppy disk icon to save the information. The name will be checked to see if it is already in use, if it is in use you will be asked to pick another. Please make sure you note the new user name and password in some safe place.


Q: How to navigate this site.

A: How to Use the Site: Once you are registered, enjoy the easy Navigation and use of the powerful functions. This is done by simply moving the mouse over any of the menu items and clicking. If you are not logged in some of the menu items will not be displayed. You'll quickly learn how to rely on this site as TravelballSelect.com for the sporting community, find informative sports information, find valuable expert advice in your favorite sport, and use this as family fun time In the future you learn how to buy and sell sports equipment.


Q: How to change your email address.

A: To change your email on record with Travelballselect.com, you must email email@travelballselect.com.  For security reason you must send the email from the email address that we have on record and include the login, password, full name and new email address. With in 10 business days we will send a email to the new email address asking for confirmation. When we get confirmation we will change the address on record. Any email that does not meet the requirements will be ignored.


Q: What are the different types of subscriptions?

A: The SelectTicket plan grants you access to the entire TravelBallSelect.com for one year. The SeasonTicketThe SelectTicket plan grants you access to the entire TravelBallSelect.com for six months from the day you subscribe. The SpringTicket plan grants you access to the entire TravelballSelect.com This plan is good for three months from the day you subscribe.The SeeTicket plan grants you access to the entire TravelBallSelect.com This plan is good for three months from the day you subscribe.

Q: I have paid and I still cannot log in.

A: If you paid by eCheck, there will be a lapse before your payment is approved and your account becomes active.It takes 7-10 business days for eCheck funds to clear. Once your payment has been authorized you will receive an automatic email confirmation and you will be able to log in to TravelBallSelect.com. If you have any further questions regarding eCheck payments, please contact Authorize.net directly as TravelBallSelect.com does not have any involvement in transaction authorization. If you have received an email from
SiteTbs@TravelBallSelect.com with the charge verification, forward that to SiteTbs@Trravelballselect.com from the email address that you used to registered with and we will assist you.

Q: My subscription has been canceled. What's up?

A: Your account is controlled by Authorize.net and may have been canceled for a number of reasons, the most common being a change in your credit card account information. Your TravelballSelect.com subscription will still remain active for the duration of the term. If you wish to re-subscribe, simply login and choose from the available options. Please contact Authorize.net directly for more information.

Q: How do I cancel my recurring TravelBallSelect.com Subscription?

A: Authorize.net controls all TravelBallSelect.com subscriptions and transaction authorizations. Cancellation instructions can be found toward the bottom of eachAuthorize.net invoice.

Q:How to cancel your subscription.

A: To cancel Travelballselect.com subscription email cancel@travelballselect.com  at least 10 business days before the expiration of the term. For security reasons you must send the email from the email address that we have on record and include the login, password, full name and any refund will be guided buy the terms and agreement statement that you agreed to at the time of subscription. Any email that does not meet the requirements will be ignored.

Don't forget, with the TravelBallsaelect.com you'll get access not only to the best content on the network, but also access to exclusive content on your favorite site. But only if you have a current subscription!















































Future Items that will be coming to TravelBallSelect.com


How does The Locker Room work?
The Locker Room is the interactive section of the site. It allows members (must be logged in)to post to Blogs, Forums, Chat Rooms and insert Photos into the Gallery. Set up your profile and include an image of yourself with your own signature. If you wish to go back to the TravelBallSelect.com home page just click on AST home in the left corner. Please review the Rules for The Locker Room as we want to make this a site where even kids can view your information and opinions.


Why leave feedback?
Feedback helps other sellers and buyers know how an AST member is conducting business. It helps all members know those users that have not delivered exactly what they posted on the site. The management of AST will closely monitor feedback and will ban abusers from the site.


·        Why should I use this site?

Why should I use this site?
This site is designed as the "ultimate sports resource" center for all communities. Multi-sports active families will find this is a one-stop solution and convenient way to find the right teams and register, find the right equipment and where to buy it, and find expert advice. You'll quickly use this site to improve your game, sell off surplus equipment, engage with communities with your sports interests, and find helpful nuggets to enjoy family time. We hope you enjoy all the information on the site. Also, when you participate in an auction and win you are expected to pay within 48 hours.


Bidding on Items within TravelBallSelect.com

·        Do I have to login to buy items?

·        Bidding on an Item - How do I get started?

·        How do I bid on items from within the Category Sections?

·        How do I bid from My Sports or Community?

Do I have to login to buy items?
Yes, you will be able to browse listings available by reviewing the category sections. You will need to create an account to buy or sell items. For assistance in setting up an account, review the "Setting up an Account" section of the FAQ's.


Bidding on an Item - How do I get started?
It is easy to bid on any of your favorite sports items on TravelBallSelect.com. Go right to the open auctions to place your bid from Featured Auctions, Recently Listed or Recent Bids located on the Home page. You can review the item and bid information and place your bid. You will be asked to enter your password again as a way to confirm your submitted bid. You will receive an instant message that reads - "Your Bid has been processed" notice along with the auction hyperlink and the amount of your submitted bid. In some cases, the seller will have set up a "Buy it Now Feature". If you choose this option you will be asked for your password again. Once you click you will receive a page telling you your item has been successfully purchased. In a few minutes check your e-mail for the invoice from the seller. The message will be Auction Closed-You Win! Please pay the seller promptly to help ensure the integrity of the auctions. Thank You!


How do I bid on items from within the Category Sections?
From "Categories" located on the left- hand side of the Home Page, select the desired category which will take you to "Featured Items" and links on the bottom for other items. Choose "Featured Items" to take you to the open auction where you can review the bid and item description history and place your bid. You will receive an instant "Your Bid has been processed" message along with the auction hyperlink and the amount of your submitted bid. If you use the links, be sure they show a parenthesis with a number inside reflecting the number of items available to buy. The link will take you to "Featured Items". Links without a number beside them mean there are no listed items to buy.


How do I bid from My Sports or Community?
You can bid from "My Sports" or "Community" located on the Navigation bar; click "Buy" and "Featured Items". From "Sports Mall" located on the Navigation bar, you can browse and buy directly from "Web Stores".


Improving Auction Results

·        What Auction types are available?

·        How do I have my item show on the home page?

·        Why Use PayPal?

What Auction types are available?
TravelBallSelect.com offers several options for Auction types. There are three types of auctions available: Standard, Dutch, and Fixed Price. Please note: Dutch Auction restricts the ability to set up a Buy Now Feature, Reserve Price, or Custom Increment Amount.


How do I have my item show on the home page?
When posting your auction item there are several options for displaying your item on any of the sections below: * Home Page Featured Item * Category Featured Item * Highlighted Item * Bold Item. For a nominal fee, these options can help your listed items POP out and attract more users on TravelBallSelect.com.


Why Use PayPal?  Why Use Authorize.net?
For Online Shoppers: •Shop online and pay quickly. •Use your credit card without exposing your card number to merchants. •Speed through checkout without stopping to enter your card number or address. •Plus, it's free to send money to family and friends. Learn more about the PayPal Personal account. Premier Account: Individual Accounts For Casual Online Sellers •Accept credit cards •Ideal for casual payment types for low-fee sellers. Learn more about the PayPal Premier account. visit
PayPal Make sure you state your payment preference as a seller in your control panel under "Selling" and then "Your Payment Details".


Message Boards

·        How do I use the Message Boards?

How do I use the Message Boards?
TravelBallSelect.com has two types of message boards; a "Public" board which has topics posted by the TravelBallSelect.com staff, and a "Private" message board that is used by our customers to assist with transactions. If you have a question for a seller about an item they have posted you can send them a message. Their answer will appear under the item you had a question on.

Selling Items on TravelBallSelect.com

·        How long can I list my item?

·        How do I sell an item?

How long can I list my item?
Auctions can be set up for 1, 2 or 3 weeks. Another option for frequent users is to open a "Web Store". There are three different levels available to choose from. You set up a "Web Store" from your control panel.


How do I sell an item?
Once you are logged into your user account, click "Sell an Item" from the Navigation Bar or from within your Selling tab within the control panel. You will see short instructions but the key pieces of information you will need are: Very brief description of your item and sell price, description title (2-4 words), a picture for upload, and auction type. You will find brief details on auction type though most users use Standard. Select Category and item type. Select Category (red box at bottom of page). Input Title and description. If you desire, use a link in the description area for your image post. Please include if your item is NEW or USED! Select URL or filename to upload your photo. If you don't have a photo to upload no photo available will default even if one of the other two items boxes is selected. There is a max photo image upload of 4MB and you may upload up to 5. Each photo after that will be charged at only .39 cents each. Select "Auction Type". The set up fee is .89. You must enter your starting dollar amount. Select "Reserve Price" for an .89 fee. You must fill in the Reserve Price. You may also select NO. "Buy It Now" and "Buy Now" are also options. If you select Buy Now you must fill in the dollar amount. Default for bid increment table is set up for .50 and what most users select. You may choose your own increment settings however. "Shipment Costs" are very important for you to fill in. If you are setting up a local pickup input $0 otherwise put in UPS or Fed Ex shipping cost. "Shipping Terms" are equally important. Be sure the Buyer knows how they will be receiving their merchandise. Select your payment terms from American Express, Visa/MasterCard, Payment on Delivery (applies only if this is not a local pickup), and PayPal. If you don't have an account refer to the FAQ on "Setting up a PayPal account". Submit your auction. Review all information as you can still make changes if needed. Once you are satisfied click the "submit your auction" button located on the bottom of the page. Note: Relisting Auction items will incur an additional listing fee. At TravelBallSelect.com we do not charge a "Final Value" fee. You pay only to list your items. Make sure you let the buyer know you expect to receive payment within 5 working days. You can even state this in your item description. Note*- Adding an image of your item for an auction will enhance your chances of selling at a higher price. Even though you do not pay the added amount for "Home Page Featured" or "Category Featured" a bidder will still be able to see the image you uploaded by clicking on "View Image".


Setting up a store in Sports Mall

·        What is a Web Store?

·        Setting up a Web Store

What is a Web Store?
"Web Stores" are a great way to get your product or services set up with your own sports related products or services with lots of traffic generated by the "Sports Mall". You can start small with 1-10 products and upgrade to the next store level as your inventory expands. If you already have a sports store this is a great way to start an e-commerce offering with no long term commitments or big up-front fees. Your store can even be customized with your own banner! You can list up to 100 items at one time; perfect for the frequent user. You can receive specific feedback from your store customers, they may contact you directly, and you can benefit from purchasing history reports. A business license is not required.


Setting up a Web Store
Setting up a "Web Store" is easy. Just login to your account and click on the Control Panel link at the top of your browser. Look for the tab titled "Web Store". Follow the link and start setting up your store! Before posting an item in your new store, the destination and shipping terms will need to be defined. The destination is the location you will ship to and the terms are the carrier you will be using for delivery. Examples of carriers are UPS Ground, Fed Ex and US Postal Service. Once you have added your first item the store is ready to be set to "Live Mode". Return to your control panel under "Web Store" and click the bottom switch to "Live Mode".


Wanted Items

·        Wanted Item vs. Posting an Auction Item

Wanted Item vs. Posting an Auction Item
"Wanted Items" is a great way to post an ad for items you want to buy or services you need. To post a "Wanted ad", login to your TravelBallSelect.com account. Once signed in, click on the control panel in the top-left of your browser. Click on the tab for "Buying". Select "Wanted" and place your ad. Make sure you complete all fields before you select "preview ad". If all fields are correct you will be able to preview and edit your ad before you submit it for the final listing.


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