Dr. Tom Hanson: Book Sale Today Worth a Look


A Very Good Book


I don’t often recommend books or anything but if you’re reading this (as in, you’re on my email list and you read what I write), then I encourage you to click the link below and check out the new book by a friend of mine named Steve Wells.

Great, great guy. Very smart. Very committed to helping people. I use a lot of his stuff in my work with athletes and with executives.

Bottom line:  Most of what stops us from having a more wonderful life and freer, more fulfilling performances is our internal blocks.  Emotional blocks.

This book gives you a simple, powerful system for reaching a state of “100% Yes!”

You pitch best when you are 100% Yes on the pitch you are throwing.

You hit best when you are 100% Yes on trusting yourself.

You coach best when you are 100% Yes on your strategies and on being great with your players.

You parent best…

You ANYTHING best when you are all in, 100% YES.  But too often we don’t get there.  We hem and haw, doubt and worry.  And our own thoughts and feelings stop us from doing something really cool.

If you buy the book today you can get some really cool bonuses.  Click the link below to see them.

I will say that the heavy lifting in the book is done by tapping, a technique I’ve used to help hundreds of players and others.  If that’s all too far out there for you, don’t bother with the book.

But if you’ve ever been curious about it (as I’d like you to be), check it out.

More coming soon from me, but I believe so strongly in 100% Yes! I wanted to pass the opportunity on to you.

To Your Success,
Dr. Tom